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Taste of LiveBrew

Taste of LiveBrew

The Taste of LiveBrew

LiveBrew is not a soft drink. LiveBrew contains no sweetener, flavours, or other additives.

LiveBrew contains billions of live, active probiotic lactobacilli and the beneficial metabolites (organic acids mostly) produced by those microbes. These metabolites are very good for your gut but they do have tastes and odours that some people find a bit challenging.

Taste and smell preferences vary widely and can be affected by genetic factors. Many users find the taste of LiveBrew to be pleasant or at least tolerable. Some people, however, are especially sensitive to butyrate (butyric acid) one of the most beneficial microbial metabolites in LiveBrew. For these people, a straight shot of LiveBrew is too much to handle.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to deal with any taste concerns. LiveBrew may be diluted in water or added to juice, smoothies, or any other cool liquid. Do not add to hot beverages as this will kill the good microbes. We have had a number of parents of kids with ASD report that using a smoothie worked very well, even in kids with significant taste/eating issues. 

LiveBrew is designed to be the very best probiotic product that we can make for you. To maintain high viability and efficacy, we must manufacture LiveBrew in a way that keeps the microbes happy in the bottle. This means that LiveBrew will always be something more of a tonic than a soft drink. 

Myths explained - Conclusion

Myths explained - Conclusion

CONCLUSION: So where does this leave someone who wants a really good probiotic?

Once you know the probiotic myths, it is much easier to identify the characteristics of a product with the capacity to produce beneficial effects:

  1. A fresh, live product, i.e., not freeze-dried or chemically preserved.
  2. The minimum number of live microbes must be guaranteed through the entire shelf life period.
  3. A product containing multiple strains of microbes with proven probiotic characteristics
  4. A product that contains beneficial metabolites (organic acids, etc.) produced by the probiotic microbes

Only LiveBrew meets all of the criteria set out above. LiveBrew is also the only fresh, live and active multi-strain probiotic product that does not require refrigeration prior to opening while guaranteeing a billion CFU/Lactobacilli in every dose throughout the entire 9-month shelf life.