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Below are a few testimonials from customers:

"For about three months after a course of antibiotics, my bowel was still very out-of-sorts, with continuous loose stools. I'd tried acidophilus yoghurt and probiotic capsules, which made no difference. I then started on the brew (100 mls a day) and within three days my bowel had come completely right." Liz, Auckland

"I enjoy reasonably good health, suffering from no real health issues or digestive upsets but was keen to try LiveBrew as I know how important it is to have good gut health.  Well, I’ve been on the LiveBrew Probiotics for over 6 months now and it has helped me in so many unforeseen ways that I would now hate to be without it. I had previously been taking other probiotics along with fermented foods in an effort to improve bowel health but had not really notice much difference. However, within weeks of taking LiveBrew I was noticing some real improvements" Gail, Auckland

"After taken probiotics culture for a week ,I noticed already a significant difference overall in my digestive system, no bloating, no heaviness and surprisingly was able to tolerate  better carbs like potato! So would love to continue and introduce my family and friends to that" Kate, Lower Hutt

"Jeetan Parbhu and myself are feeling great having this every morning!! It has given a bost in energy which helps with spending time with our twin toddlers. Added to this, we also feel less hungry and avoid eating all the junk food !! Phew!! that's definitely an achievement. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try this out" Kajal, Wellington

"I feel better in myself and do not have depression. I am excited about having better health, so much so, that I do not want to be without LiveBrew. I don’t want to lose what I have gained. It is such a marked change. I would like everyone to know what a difference this tonic can make in one’s life. I appreciate the help and support from Andre, Doctor Lynne and their team and consider myself very fortunate to have been able to trial LiveBrew" Margret, Otago

"So what I noticed after taking LiveBrew was my stomach wasn't so sore, I didn't crave sugar like I normally do and I felt full for longer so I didn't snack all the time. After I finished the live brew my body seemed to crave it and I noticed if I missed a day of not taking it. It's like my body knew it wanted to take it as it made me feel better" Monique, Rotorua